This is my first twine game. It is a sci-fi story presented mostly though dialogue only.

Illustrations are in progress.

You: Commander of the UEA Terrapin.
Helmsman: Minor character. (yes I said it.)
Nav: Female, Information relay and ship liason.
Parmwell: Male, Cyborg, Biomech-interface and data hub for boarding party
Sejic: Female, Engineer and medical officer.
Burns: Male, Pathmaker.
Harmon: Male, Guardian.

This was made for a 40hr Make-a- thing challenge based on the words "Blip", "Kind" and "Thwart." My original story plan involved the team of this story being lead into a derelict ship where they discover a group of aliens that try to kill them all (of course). I would have liked to incorporate audio and visuals but didn't get around to it as the story became much longer than I anticipated. In fact, I didn't even get to the story I planned, which is going to be part 2.

"Blip" was to be the sound of the life signature markers.
"Kind" was to be the humans (an endangered species at the beginning of the story) vs the enemy alien monsters (Basically human sized sharktopuses). "Of their kind" etc.
And "Thwart" was going to be the uninspired "Humans win against the monsters".

In this new version, Part 1 acts as the set-up where the player learns the deadly ways that the derelict can be interacted with, and in part 2, they can use these dangers against the aliens on their way out. 

This first part prevents the characters from permanently altering the ship, but as they exit they will be able to as it won't affect them later in the story.