In a distant region of space, you fly through the panoramic vistas of the interstellar distances, through scenes of beauty and chaos.

Controls: Mouse to look around, WASD and arrow keys will let you move about your flight path.
Maximise the view by clicking the BLUE expansion arrows to the bottom right of teh game window.
If you lose your cursor press Esc until it comes back. Esc also minimises the view.

This was a joint project where 2 game developers created a music-video-game for an audio student to something with a little more punch for their portfolio page. It works just as well for our portfolio's too. This was a 5 week project.

Doctor Duck - See his work on soundcloud:
Victor Weidar - See his portfolio at his website:
VCPenguin - See more creative works over at

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsVcPenguin, Voyage
Made withUnity
Tagschill, cosmic, experience, First-Person, Music, planet, Sci-fi, Space, stars, Walking simulator


Download 71 MB
Download 75 MB

Install instructions

Play it here in the browser or download the Zip file that corresponds to your operating system.

Extract the files.

Launch the executable file.


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What a damn cool little project DEVS, I've been waiting for something like this for a long time  I enjoyed it. I have plans   make it into a mammoth 8 hour screensaver if thats ok?



Hi wobblyfootgamer, We're really glad you enjoy it and really enjoyed watching the play-through. Hopefully you'll be back for more, later.
If you want to modify the game in any way you'll have to take it up with the music creator as it is his product.

Hey and thanks for getting back. I will get in touch with the music creator but yeah, i'm just going to essentially loop the video with no commentary and extend it to 8 hours of pure space flying lovelyness :)

Thanks, Good Luck and Take Care

This was a really cool experience, Loved the song and all the scenes were amazing. especially the ship fleet :)