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Wargantuan is a 2-3 player, turn-based strategy game where you take over fantastical minions to defeat your enemy. You rule the primordial forces in a struggle for domination, pitting different units of warriors in combat.

Version 1: Best played on a large screen with 2 players. Read the "Controls" first.

Future design plan: Best played on a tablet or touch screen on opposite sides of a table. choose a faction and strategically choose the units you place on the field. Gain advantages by positioning your forces in tactical ways.

This was a Project developed for the SAE institute Studio 1 module with a team of 3 students.

Victor Weidar: http://www.victorweidar.com/
VCPenguin: http://www.verticalcircus.com
JacobTheProgrammer: JacobTheProgrammer(Weibo)

Install instructions

Download zip file and Readme file.

Unzip it into your preferred location.

Read the Readme file (less than a page).

Find a second player and enjoy!


Wargantuan Game Zip 28 MB
Wargantuan Controls Readme.pdf 53 kB

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